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I am European with no asian blood only Irish/British, Sometimes i get the flush and sometimes i dont.  Most times i get it i am hungover/tired but sometimes if i am drinking with a hangover i wont get it and if i dont have a hangover i will get it. It started with certain drinks so avoided them drinks but now it is every drink. When i do get the symptoms i get it really bad, sometimes my whole body can go red and its always really patchy which makes it more obvious. How come sometimes its there sometimes it isnt? its very frustrating.

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Hi Axe
I'm the same as you. I'm European with no Asian background, Irish/Scotish ancestry (can't get whiter than that!!) Somtimes when i drink i get hot red patches on my face and neck, it's never an even red so i get quite embaressed. Generally it happens when i've been drinking the night before (day two on a weekend session) or if i'm begining to come down with a cold/upset stomach. But i've also had it ramdonly when i've had just one drink in a week.

I feel your pain, it's so annoying to not know when it will strike. But i think the general theme is that when your body is weak (ie hungover/sick) it's more likley to strike.

How many other people from celtic backgrounds have this?

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I am the same.  English/Irish/Norwegian.  Mine did not start until several years after I started drinking.  It rarely happens and seems to be triggered by sweet drinks - in particular margaritas.  My reaction can be severe, and triggers an asthma attack.  I turn purple and splotchy, and the discoloration can spread to my chest and neck as well.

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same thing for me. If I drink a lot the night before to the point of a hangover or close to one and then have a drink the next day I won't get a red face.

The weird thing is I haven't been getting a red face my whole life only in the last couple years. It started in my second year of college.

also im doing an experiment right now. Im not going to have a drink for two months and then see how that effect me.

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This happens to me too, a drink the night before will reduce the flush the next day. 

Similarly, I have also found that a drink a few hours before going out also helps reduce the flushing for that night.

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Thank goodness for that I thought i was a european freak! Im English with welsh blood and have this blush thing develop last year, started with one and then spread to all drinks. Ive read that if you drink when you have it it makes you 10 times more likely to get cancer of the esophagus which is lethal in a couple of years. Have any of you guys tried the 7.2 alkaline stuff or anything else that works? Im off to the doctor tomorrow to see what he makes of it and ill post any feedback, this just wont do, it wont do at all!!!